Our full setup includes 5m x 4m enclosure but we can set up any size be it larger or smaller to suit your area. We also provide a marquee for shade and haybales/chairs for seating. We can setup on any surface ( but our animals love grass  for a nibble and feel more relaxed when set up on grass), indoors or outdoors. We provide tarps for indoors ( for example shopping centres) or on request.

Animals that we bring out in the Full Setup are sheep, goats, lambs, kids, chooks, chickens, ducks, ducklings, guinea pigs, rabbits,piglets, and a calf. Animals are seasonal so we may not always have all animals available (piglets and calves depend on the season), please enquire when booking. Approximately 25+ animals will be provided in this package

Due to Covid seating in minimal. We also no longer handle petite animal in baskets with this setup. They now are on show in a pen where children can watch them eat , relax and entertain with their quirky behaviors. You are welcome to pat the animal if it comes over to you otherwise I will hold up animals for people to pat whenever I can.

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Terms and conditions
- A $100 deposit is to be made to secure your booking. Deposit is non refundable unless cancelled due to Government releasing new Covid-19 restrictions. Cancellations 24 hrs before start time will be charged 1/2 the booking amount
- Balance must be paid before the event or cash on the day.
- We arrive approx 45 mins before start time to setup. A car park for a ute and trailer must be provided within 20 mts of the setup site. The area must be ready to go when we get there to ensure the event starts on time! If we have to wait for you to get ready or have to carry things a long distance we may not start on time.
-Children under 7 must be supervised by a parent during the event, we do not babysit
-Marquees that cover most of the setup are provided. We appreciate a shady tree on hot days.
- Seating provided
- 33 degree heat policy, please keep this in mind for Summer events
-Animals will be rested/rotated at times
-Booking 4, 5 and 6 hrs long will have a 10 minute break midway 
-We need our ute and trailer onsite to setup, if you are wanting us to setup earlier and have the vehicle off site early charges will apply. Eg if vehicle needs to be offsite 1 hr before we will charge an extra hour
- Animals on our farm are seasonal,  but we will do our best!
- Animal welfare is our priority, please respect them at all times.